Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Reads!

The Christmas Shoppe
The Christmas Shoppe

Cover Image
The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

The Carpenter's Gift: A Christmas Tale About the Rockefeller Center Tree
The Carpenter's Gift

Hello Beachy Keen Readers!

I've got holiday season on my mind and 

one of the things I love to do,  is read 

books that get me in the holiday spirit.

Above are some Christmas-themed reads that should

help you start your Christmas countdown.

Happy Holiday Reading!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Devilish Hallowe'en Read: The Devil in the Junior League

Suddenly Sexy
Linda Francis Lee 

Hello Dear Beachy Keen Book Lovers!

Here's a devilishly delightful read
from a Junior League insider 
 just in time for Hallowe'en. 
Have you read this? 
(It published in 2006.)

I was an active Junior Leaguer in 2000-2003,
so I admit, I have a guilty pleasure in reading this
witty, biting, fast-paced tale of 
suburban banishment, redemption, and restoration 
among the so-called "socially" elite.

The witches in this novel don't wear pointy black hats,
but their wicked ways are just as ghoulish!

The author, Linda Francis Lee, a former Texas Junior Leaguer,

From Linda's website:
Linda in the south of France
is the author of a number 
of other books of which I haven't read, but look equally divine,
Emily and Einstein synopsis
and has moved happily 
from her "big horned" Texas life to that of the "big city" life of NYC.

Photo from Linda's website: Meeting friends outside
Bar Americain
Her website includes Ps & Qs extras like this:

Fun Stuff 

I hope you find this read a treat---

Hope you have a fun Hallowe'en -

More later ---

XO, XO, 


PS-Our local Junior League voted to officially not endorse, sell, or support the book!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Murder on the Beach Bookstore

Hello Dear Beach Book Lovers!

With spooky Hallowe'en season upon us, 
my thoughts turn to a local bookstore that 
combines two things I love - the beach and murder mysteries!

This little gem is nestled in the
Pineapple Grove historic section of darling Delray Beach,
my favorite South Florida town.

Flickr Photo:Adam Fagen

This tiny shop is a hotbed of murder-mystery lovin' activities 
from author speakings and book signings, 
to murder mystery performances, 
to a Sunday Sleuths book club group, 
and, finally, to a vast collection of murder mysteries, of course.
Soon to be signing in the shop is local Fort Lauderdale author 
Elaine Viets. 
Her different collections include a mystery shopper series and a dead-end job series.
All include her side-splitting humor:
Elaine writes her books based on actual South Florida businesses 
where she works for weeks at a time 
as background research for her novels.
I've visited two of them featured in past books-
an upscale pet boutique and an exclusive gown shop on Las Olas-fun!

If you live up in colder climates, 
snuggling up to a "cozy murder mystery" 
is an especially great way to escape a chilly winter evening.
(Just add hot cocoa and a fireplace!).

Do you have a favorite murder mystery author?
Don't you love a series centered
around a favorite destination or special interest?  
Florida author Blaize Clement
There are so many to choose from...

Happy reading!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fictional Places from Real Life

Hello Dear Beach Readers!
I love to learn from what and where authors get their inspiration for their beloved novels.

Many of you are familiar with Pat Conroy, 
Photo Credit:
author of numerous novels
about life in the "low country" of the South such as his acclaimed book-turned-major movie,
  The Prince of Tides.

Here is the inspiration for one of his earlier books, The Water is Wide.

Known as Daufuskie Island,

 this 8-square-mile island accessible only by water is the foundation for 
Conroy's book that incorporates the places and people of this 
tiny, historic locale. Conroy lived on the island for one year to do research for his book.

For more photos and info about Daufuskie, visit 

What many people don't know is that Conroy was actually fired after his first year teaching because of his "unconventional" teaching practices that included
 his refusal to use corporal punishment on his students.
Product Details
Hallmark Hall of Fame (2006)

 Conroy later received a humanitarian award from the National Education Association and the book became a film, "Conrack," starring Jon Voight in 1974 and a tv film in 2006.

Here is a reprinting of an interview with Conroy.
He's pictured with a former student who is now, herself, a published author. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Great Article this morning by Justin Paprocki of the Island Packet. "The Water Is Wide"

A mentor to last a lifetime Published author Sallie Ann Robinson shares accomplishments with Pat Conroy - the teacher who inspired her 40 years ago By JUSTIN PAPROCKI  

Have you read Pat Conroy? Have you seen his books-turned-movies?
Have you ever visited a place because you knew it was the inspiration 
for one of your favorite novels?
Would love to hear about it.

For more information, visit his website,
Pat Conroy

Happy Beach Reading -

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Elin Hildebrand's Real Nantucket

Elin Hilderbrand and the story of

Hello Readers!

So many of you are fans of Elin Hilderbrand's novels which always have a constant character throughout every new book - the island of Nantucket, of course.  For those of you who may not have a more intimate introduction to the "ACK" author, this video offers a wonderful glimpse into her personal life: her husband, children, island home, and writing space. 

I always love to learn about the authors of beloved novels - what makes them tick, where they find their inspiration, what are their writing habits, and what their personal lives are like amidst all their writing obligations.

For more great videos and interviews on Elin, visit  Elin Hilderbrand.  

As many of you may already know, Elin spent time this year in Australia working on her next work of fiction...I wonder if she has veered from her steadfast backdrop of Nantucket and has her protagonist venturing into the fierce and foreign lands of the Aussie Outback????
In the meantime, most of you have already bought or finished reading her very newest,
Silver Girl
If you haven't, below is a quick glance at what it's all about: 
Silver Girl: A Novel

PS- Did you know Elin's husband is the Hotel Operations Manager of 
the Cliffside Beach Club on Nantucket, which became the inspiration for her novel: 
Book Cover
Here is a photo and link to this charming location:
Cliffside Beach Club 

Who knows?
Maybe you'll stay there sometime and get to see Elin!
Happy Sea and Sand Sunday!
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Holly Chamberlin: The Summer of Us

What I'm Reading Now:

Three women with diverse life experiences escape city life to relax and rejuvenate on the shores of Martha's Vineyard in a weather-worn beach house "with a rickety porch and no closets...closest to a gorgeous shoreline and the best nightlife on Martha's Vineyard."

As they spend the summer together, these women share, grow and learn "that friendship isn't always measured in how well you know a person's past---but in opening each other's eyes to everything the future could hold..." (book cover excerpt).


Just starting reading this great beachy novel

 by Holly Chamberlin.
Holly writes wonderful stories about beachy themes, reflecting her life in Maine.
Visit her website, above, to learn more about Holly's interesting writing career from being an editor at top book publishing companies to ghost writing, and, eventually, penning her own great stories!
Have you read Holly Chamberlin?
What are you reading now? Do share!

If you have a beachy-book to recommend, let me know that, too!

Happy Seaside Sunday!

More later---