Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fictional Places from Real Life

Hello Dear Beach Readers!
I love to learn from what and where authors get their inspiration for their beloved novels.

Many of you are familiar with Pat Conroy, 
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author of numerous novels
about life in the "low country" of the South such as his acclaimed book-turned-major movie,
  The Prince of Tides.

Here is the inspiration for one of his earlier books, The Water is Wide.

Known as Daufuskie Island,

 this 8-square-mile island accessible only by water is the foundation for 
Conroy's book that incorporates the places and people of this 
tiny, historic locale. Conroy lived on the island for one year to do research for his book.

For more photos and info about Daufuskie, visit 

What many people don't know is that Conroy was actually fired after his first year teaching because of his "unconventional" teaching practices that included
 his refusal to use corporal punishment on his students.
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Hallmark Hall of Fame (2006)

 Conroy later received a humanitarian award from the National Education Association and the book became a film, "Conrack," starring Jon Voight in 1974 and a tv film in 2006.

Here is a reprinting of an interview with Conroy.
He's pictured with a former student who is now, herself, a published author. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Great Article this morning by Justin Paprocki of the Island Packet. "The Water Is Wide"

A mentor to last a lifetime Published author Sallie Ann Robinson shares accomplishments with Pat Conroy - the teacher who inspired her 40 years ago By JUSTIN PAPROCKI  

Have you read Pat Conroy? Have you seen his books-turned-movies?
Have you ever visited a place because you knew it was the inspiration 
for one of your favorite novels?
Would love to hear about it.

For more information, visit his website,
Pat Conroy

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